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Gatlin steals Bolt’s thunder to win gold in 100m World Championship final

A terrible silence met the end of the men’s 100m final in the London Stadium last night.Not only was Usain Bolt, the great hero of the sport, denied victory in his final individual race, but it was won by two time drugs cheat Justin Gatlin. Athletics’ worst nightmare had just unfolded in front of a watching world.The fans who had packed into the stadium to savour every last moment of this race, hoping for one last signature Bolt moment of celebration, one final flourish.
In the shocked aftermath of the race, everyone seemed to try to pretend that Bolt had won. Gatlin was booed and it was Bolt who was interviewed trackside and told that the whole stadium loved him. Two years ago, it was said that Bolt had saved the sport when he beat Gatlin at the World Championships. So what must the sport think now?