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Gov’t to crack down on perps of gun-related crime

STEPS are being taken to strengthen two pieces of legislation that some people believe are lenient to those found to be involved in criminal activities.
According to Attorney General and Minister of Justice and Legal Affairs, the Hon. Vincent Byron Jr., the Bail Act and the Firearms Amendment Act are two critical pieces of legislation that would be brought before the next sitting of the National Assembly.Without disclosing the date for the next sitting of Parliament, he indicated that sometime following that presentation in the House, consideration would be given to DNA testing, among others critical components of law and order.
“What it is, is that a lot of people have been very concerned that people have committed alleged offences and have been remanded, and have been able to be released on bail. In particular, where they have had violent crimes committed with firearms,” explained Byron.The Attorney General noted that the idea is especially geared towards those who would have committed capital offences.