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“Judge a man based on his now, not on his past”…Supt. of Prisons

MORE often than not, after prison sentences have been served and the rehabilitation process would have been successfully completed, residents of Her Majesty’s Prison (HMP) have difficulty finding gainful employment because society refuses to give them that “second chance”.

Superintendent of Prisons Junie Hodge is making a plea, however, for members of the public to, rather than judge these individuals by their past deeds, assess them in their “now”.Hodge and his Deputy, Asheila Connor – as well as a resident of Her Majesty’s Prison – appeared on a recent taping of SKNVibes’ ‘Bottom Line’ which addressed the goings on at the correctional facility.

The panelists spoke of rehabilitative processes which take the form of life skills coaching, education etc.Asked by host Stanford Conway if the authorities at HMP would be willing to provide recommendation for some of these job-seeking residents after they would have left the institution, the Superintendent answered in the affirmative.