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Munroe: Procurement Laws Critical For Good Governance

St Kitts and Nevis (WINN): A lack of transparency in government and the private sector takes a heavy toll on a society according to the Director of National Integrity Action in Jamaica, Professor Trevor Munroe.

“Corruption, lack of transparency, lack of accountability has a huge cost on people not only in the Caribbean but in different democracies around the world is when public contracts, normally the money paid by taxpayers, are awarded not to the most experienced, technically qualified, but rather to those who are most connected either by virtue of family connections or political party connections as the case may be, and this leads to huge cost over-runs, inefficiencies, waste and ultimately it is the poorest segment of our society who pays the price for that kind of absence of accountability.”

The World Economic Forum estimates global corruption as 5 percent of global GDP or US 2.6 trillion dollars.