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New BHS could cost EC$80 million; Richards’ figure does not include furniture, lab equipment, airco

Construction of the proposed new Basseterre High School (BHS) could cost in the region of EC$80 million.That is the sound and professional view of one of the Federation’s renowned architect and planner, Mr. Victor Williams, stated that the EC$40 million figure given by Minister of Education and Deputy Prime Minister Hon. Shawn Richards does not include the cost of support buildings, fencing, furniture, lab equipment and air conditioning.

He also told WINNFM in an exclusive interview that an Environmental Impact Assessment of the project can only be done once the design concept for the school is complete.“Being very familiar with cost and having actually designed some larger buildings I am estimating the special requirement for building is in excess of 70,000 sq ft. The accompanying global costing – I’m taking into consideration the government doesn’t pay duty on its materials.