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New national security adviser ‘fulfillment of requirement of law, constitution’

The prime minister and minister of national security, the Honourable Dr. Timothy Harris, said that the recruitment of a national security advisor in the person of retired Maj. Gen. Stewart Saunders of Jamaica is in fulfillment of the requirement of law and the constitution of St. Kitts and Nevis.Addressing the National Assembly on Tuesday, the minister of national security placed on record that by appointing a national security adviser his government is “satisfying a legal obligation to uphold the law.”

“The national security officer therefore, is a very important and auspicious post in the national security structure of the federation,” Harris said. “Clearly, what has been outlined and prescribed by law, this post is distinct from the role of the commissioner of police, so he is not coming to be that; the commander of our defence force, and it is distinct from the role of the permanent secretary, yet this is one of the most senior [people] in the security system.