St Kitts and Nevis (WINN): Team Unity’s Jonel Powell, the Chairman of the People’s Action Movement, supports the view that government ministers and parliamentarians should receive a salary increase.

Powell has been examining why that hike in salary is needed.

“Do I think there is need for review, most definitely. When you look at what the salary for ministers are, even when you look at the add-ons, the allowances, I don’t necessarily think its adequate when you consider the grave responsibilities that ministers of government have. By the stroke of a pen a minister of government can implement policies which affect each and every one of us, policy that may affect the region is a serious responsibility and there should be adequate compensation. That being said I don’t think they need to be paid to the extent where they become millionaires off the public purse, I personally think they should be at least put on par with executives in the private sector.”

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