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Pizza Boys robbed by three gunmen

Three armed, masked individuals successfully pulled off a heist on Saturday (Mar. 18), when they robbed the Pizza Boys establishment and its employees.

The incident, according to District ‘A’ Commander Superintendent Cromwell Henry, took place sometime after 11:00 p.m. after the pizzeria, located at Frigate Bay, was closed for the evening.He said the three individuals, all carrying guns, entered the business while a supervisor was counting money.

Henry also indicated that the men pointed their weapons at the individual and relieved her of the money as well as that which had been stored in a vault in the office.Their cellphones, as well as the wallet of one of the employees, were also stolen before the armed bandits made good their escape.Police Officers attached to the Frigate Bay Police Station responded to a report of the incident but the thieves were nowhere to be found.