What are we feeding our youth, asks Senator Akilah Byron-Nesbitt

Deputy Speaker of the National House of Assembly, Senator the Hon Akilah Byron-Nisbett is asking the one question many people are afraid to ask: What are we feeding our youth?A wife, mother and a professional who cuts out a figure of the picture-perfect role model for our young girls, the Hon Byron-Nisbett is not talking about food that is served on the dining tables in our homes or even in restaurants.

 “At these tender ages they are eager to learn, eager to be fed positive reinforcement and eager to be taught about the greatness that is within them,” points out Senator Byron-Nisbett.She poses: “What are we feeding them? Are we feeding them the words and knowledge that will help them grow into leaders in the fields that they have chosen? Are we feeding them a sense of belonging and respect that would in turn create a healthy respectful community.


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