2010 Election Had Second Highest Voter Turnout In St Kitts

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St Kitts and Nevis (WINN): Supervisor of Elections Elvin Bailey in comparing voter turnout in the federation’s elections says it went from apathy in 2004, to “it’s never been better” in 2010.


He describes the worse performance yet as the 2004 elections when as much as 59.6 percent of the registered voters in Nevis 10 did not vote, with only 40.4 percent going to the polls.


Supervisor Bailey says “Overall, our voter turnout as a country has never been better than the 85.1 percent achieved in 2010 after the greatest level of apathy ever of 58.5 percent in 2004.


In his latest election educational piece Bailey concedes that there is always a certain percentage of persons on the Electoral Register who do not vote.



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