28% increase in traffic accidents in St. Kitts, 9% in Nevis

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ACCORDING to statistics provided by the Traffic Department, there has been a near 30 percent increase in the number of traffic accidents taking place in St. Kitts in 2016 in comparison with the previous year.

The Department reports that in 2015, there were 955 traffic accidents on the island, while there were 1222 in 2016, registering a 28 percent increase.The statistics further indicate that about 782 or 82 percent of the 2015 traffic accidents did not result in injury, 157 resulted in minor injuries, 12 were serious and the remaining four or 0.42 percent were fatal.

As for 2016, 1038 or 85 percent of the accidents did not result in injury, 172 resulted in minor injuries, 10 were serious and the other two or 0.16 percent resulted in fatalities.In 2015, 1876 vehicles were involved in the 955 accidents and in 2016, 2233 were involved in the 1222 accidents in St. Kitts.There was a 66.7 percent reduction in the number of road fatalities across the Federation from six in 2015 to two in 2016.



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