St Kitts and Nevis (WINN): With about 200 young people expected to take up residence at the Beach Allen Primary School for the 34th annual Youth Empowerment Department’s Residential Summer Camp, the Acting Director is making a call for persons to assist by volunteering as dorm leaders and councilors.

Speaking on WINN FM’s Breakfast Show on Wednesday (May 30), Pierre Liburd, said they needed a total of 75 volunteers and were half way there.

“This is your opportunity to play a significant part, we need reliable, mature persons to stand up and take advantage of this. If you’re a nurse a doctor, a lawyer, an engineer, if you barbecue chicken on the side of the road, whatever you do, if you have an interest in the development and growth of young people, if you wanna play a positive part this is your chance to do that. Don’t allow yourself to be distracted by excuses, if you want time off we can assist by approaching your employer. Some persons take vacation leave to pursue this camp it’s so impactful and you might want to take this approach as well. It’s a chance to not only contribute but to grow yourself.”