Beach Bar Owner Encourages Responsible Plastic Waste

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BASSETERRE, St. Kitts (Friday 9th August 2019)

“We need to save our beaches. People who go snorkeling tell me all the time that there is almost more plastic in the ocean than they see fish in St.Kitts right now, and so I decided to dress up to depict that to show the plastic and to show a diver or snorkeler and the type of experience he/she feels when he/she gets into our waters.”So said beach bar owner John Francis during a recent interview with this media house following the Plastic Free SKN march.

In showcasing his concern over ocean pollution, he wore various plastic items about his body including bags, bottles, cups and Styrofoam plates.Francis went on to say: “It’s a growing pollution problem. It’s a big issue that affects everybody. plastic is a problem; it’s an ongoing problem and my decision to join this one (movement).

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