On Wednesday June 25th the Grade 9/10 students from St. Kitts International (SKI) Academy and members of the St. Kitts Sea Turtle Monitoring Network (SKSTMN) placed beach signs at 6 main sea turtle nesting beaches around the island. As a portion of their Personal Development Course, students were to establish a community partnership and solve a problem within the community and the SKSTMN was thrilled to have them choose to focus on sea turtles. Driving on sea turtle nesting beaches presents a problem for both incubating nests and hatchlings as it can crush the eggs and compact sand so that hatchlings cannot emerge. Additionally, emerging hatchlings can become trapped in vehicular tracks and die in the sun or be eaten by predators because they cannot reach the ocean.  The class chose to develop beach signs to inform beachgoers that these were sea turtle nesting beaches and that they should not drive on them. Permits were obtained from the Department of Physical Planning for sign placement. Students also participated in a beach clean up on the main leatherback nesting beach in Keys and made a donation to the SKSTMN.    Sea turtle nesting runs year round in St. Kitts with leatherbacks nesting February through mid July annually and greens and hawksbills nesting July through February.  Hatchlings emerge around 60 days later.

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