Before 1998 the group, Trust No One or T.N.O as they are affectionately known only existed as a group of friends, who banded together to form a school clique. However, it was in the a fore mentioned year that this group of ambitious and determined young men succumbed to their intense craze for music and evolved into a music entity and became known as TNO Sound System.

Miguel “M.K/ Prodigy” Knight, Jamie “Baby Nut” Adams, Shenelle “Popashi” Harris, Reo “Kebal” Warner, Ingle “Rookie” Kelly and Thad “T-Bone” Thomas, the original members of this entity, worked endlessly to build a reputation of quality music while satisfying the general populous. The group consisted of Disc Jockeys, Mic Men, Engineers and Managers who used their individual skills to advance in the music industry while maintaining a close relationship within the group.During their journey, there were some members who chose the path of retirement from the sound, to continue their music career as soloists, or to pursue other aspirations, however, the sound endured