MORE SPEED SAME PRICEFREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONSWhat do I have to do to get my 50% speed increase?You do absolutely nothing. The speeds will automatically be upgraded during the evening of January 31st2019. Customers of The Cable will experience the new speeds from February 1st2019.Will there be any service downtime while the service is being upgraded?Customers are likely to experience downtime of three (3) minutes, as the modem switches to accommodate the new speed.Do I need to change my modem to get the faster speed?You do not need to change your modem. Your existing modem should be able to accommodate the new speed. When will the speeds be increased?The speeds will be increased by midnight on the evening of January 31st, 2019.Who do I contact if I have any service issues after the upgrade?Should you experience any service issues after the upgrade, please call 465 2588,call or message662 7742, 775 7742