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Delisle Walwyn & Co. Ltd is the oldest privately owned limited liability company in St. Kitts, with its root going back to the nineteenth century. E.S. Delisle was perhaps the largest shipping and general merchant in St. Kitts in 1857. W.E. Walwyn was a prosperous insurance agency founded in the 1880’s. In 1951, W.E. Walwyn and Co. and E.S. Delisle merged their two diverse organisations to form Delisle Walwyn & Co. Ltd. The merger brought together a wealth of experience in shipping, insurance, wholesale, retail and auto sales & supplies.

Since 1951 Delisle Walwyn & Co. Ltd has grown with its staff and suppliers to become the premier providers of insurance, shipping, travel, wholesale products, autocare and a wide range of services that continue to keep our clients in step with the world and in touch with the future.

Over the last half-century Delisle Walwyn & Co. Ltd. has built a relationship of reliability and trust with the people of St. Kitts and Nevis. With over a hundred years of experience behind us we continue to maintain the highest level of diversity and customer service that the people of the federation have come to depend on. We are the people you can trust.

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