Caines, one of two in attempted murder in Challengers

POLICE on St. Kitts are carrying out an investigation into an attempted murder incident that occurred last evening in Happy Hill, Challengers.
According to the police, the units responded to a shooting in the said area, and, upon arrival, found motor jeep P1882 damaged with what appeared to be bullet holes.Preliminary investigations by the law men revealed that around 10 p.m. on Saturday, May 12, Darren Caines of St. Paul’s (driver) and one other person were in the vehicle when an unknown assailant(s) began shooting.
As a result, Caines was shot in his face. Both men exited the vehicle and fled, police said in a statement.Police said that they were taken to the J.N.F. Hospital in a private vehicle where Caines is listed as being in a stable condition. Another vehicle which was also in the area received damage.


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