By Kenichi Serino

Alkivaides ‘Alki’ David, whose arrival on St. Kitts with 550 cannabis plants, seeds and products on May 7 on a private plane touched off a week of controversy, has left the Federation leaving behind EC $300,000 in bail, EC $300,000 in sureties, a new hearing on September 23 and a lot of questions.

How did this start?

According to a statement by the St. Kitts and Nevis director of public prosecutions, David arrived in the Federation at Robert L Bradshaw airport at 6.30am on May 7. With eight passengers and two crew members. On arrival at the airport. David declared 550 cannabis plants which he described as “hemp”.

David was detained until 1:30pm on the same day while investigations were carried out. The plants were taken in for testing and David released.

In an interview with The Observer on the following day, David said that he was detained in handcuffs with an associate, Charles ‘Chase’ Ergen. David said his party had been searched and he denied he had done anything illegal. He told The Observer that he had come to St. Kitts, with the plants and seeds, to make deals with local farmers to supply his legal cannabis business, SwissX, with raw materials.

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