Community Says Thanks To Atiba Harris

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(ZIZ News) — On Saturday, the sporting community in St. Peter’s came together to say thanks to a national player, for his contribution to sports and the community on a whole.

It started out as a presentation ceremony where national footballer Atiba Harris was scheduled to make a donation to the St. Peter’s Runners Basketball Team.

But what he didn’t know was that the organisers had plans of their own.

Friends, relatives, and players surprised Harris with a party for his 31st birthday as their way of saying thanks for the contributions he had made to the community and sports in general.

Coach of the St. Peter’s Runners, Valentine France, praised Harris on his accomplishments.

“Atiba, you made history by becoming the first MLS football player for St. Kits and we are very proud to call you our own. Today, we’d like to present you with a plaque. A token of appreciation from the club,” he said.


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