Deputy PM Hanley and Senior Minister Douglas hail Midnight Escape Street Festival

Source: SKNVibes
Ministers support Midnight Escape 2 (002)

The idea of hosting the first Midnight Escape Street Festival has come in for high praise from Deputy Prime Minister the Hon Dr Geoffrey Hanley, and Senior Minister and former Prime Minister the Rt. Hon Dr Denzil Douglas, both who expressed satisfaction that it was good for the county’s small scale entrepreneurs.

“It is an exciting time here at the Carnival Midnight Escape Street Festival – a very positive initiative for Carnival, a new taste of what can happen,” remarked Deputy Prime Minister the Hon Dr Geoffrey Hanley. “You have the showcasing of all of our small businesses presenting their products, and I mean it is amazing.”

Dr Hanley, who is also the Minister of Education, Youth Empowerment, Social Development, Gender Affairs, Aging and Disabilities, Ecclesiastical and Faith-based Affairs, Housing and Human Settlement, said that the street festival reminded him of his trip to Taiwan where he visited a night market.

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