Destra Garcia

born 10 November 1978) is a Trinidadian singer and songwriter of soca music.Destra has Spanish, Venezuelan, Vincentian, Barbadian and Grenadian ancestry. The eldest of four siblings, Destra was raised in the community of Desperlie Crescent, Laventille in eastern Port of Spain, and attended Woodbrook government secondary school and St James Secondary School where she discovered her passion for singing and music. She not only won her school’s Calypso Monarch title for five consecutive years, she composed every one of her songs.

Destra Garcia is known as the Queen of Bacchanal, QoB for short, because of the excitement listeners hear in the inflection of her voice on radio talk-shows and because of her own Carnival inspired event “Festival of Bacchanal.”[7] She also is known for having an alter ego named Lucy who is supposed to personify the more sexual aspect of Destra. In her song released in 2017, “Destra vs. Lucy,” one of the lines sang is, “[Cause] I [will] sing like Destra, but still [work] it like Lucy” which tells listeners that Lucy is the sexual ego and Destra is the singing one.