Dr. Crawford still not reinstated after court judgement

DESPITE receiving a court judgement in his favour, Gynecologist, Dr. Dale Crawford is still up in arms over the lengthy delay in his hospital privileges being reinstated.   
The medical doctor has been embroiled in a lengthy battle to have his name cleared after the Public Service Commission suspended him indefinitely after receiving numerous complaints in October 2014.But, he moved to the court challenging the suspension, claiming that “he was denied his right to natural and his procedural fairness in contravention of Section 32 of the Public Service Act and of Section 6 of the Public Service Code of Discipline”.
Among other things, Justice Carter ruled that he is to receive a portion of his salary that was deducted during his interdiction from 9th March 2015, and the claimant is entitled to damages to be assessed, and to quash the decision of the Governor General acting on the recommendation of the PSC, to suspend the applicant with half pay.


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