Duggins welcomed 3 small businesses opportunities during Carnival

Source: SKNVibes

WITH Carnival activities – described as a success – now over, Minister of Culture Samal Duggins commended the organizers for the inclusion of small businesses into the mix.

The 2022 full return of Carnival saw a number of activities that significantly promoted and benefited small businesses, such as those that enabled the return of vendors to the streets and the staging of the Midnight Escape.

The first-time Minister expressed a sense of profound happiness with the way the staging and turnout at events for this year, taking into account the fact that planning only started in September when the new Government took Office.

“I am happy to be part of it,” he told SKNVibes Entertainment as he witnessed the vibe and energy of Last Lap on Cayon Street. Citizens and visitors alike were happy to be part of the festivities, which signalled the formal return of street activities.

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