Eight Nevis candidates duly nominated to contest August 05, 2022 National Assembly Elections

Source: SKNVibes

Eight candidates in Nevis have been duly nominated to contest the August 05, 2022 National Assembly Elections.

On Tuesday, July 26, 2022, Tricia Williams, Returning Officer for the Constituency of Nevis 9, received the nomination of Mr. Samuel Caines, of the Moral Restoration Movement (MRM), at the nomination station at the Charlestown Magistrate’s Court.

Mr. Caines was nominated by Cheryl Edwards of Craddock Road and Carlos E. Williams of Upper Government Road. Following his nomination, Mr. Caines spoke of his party’s journey to the upcoming elections.

“I represent Moral Restoration Movement which many of you know is a new party, the newest party in the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis and we launched in July of last year with the intention of contesting the local election but given the circumstances befallen us, we are here being nominated for the federal election which is a very exciting moment; quite thrilled about it, and to the people out there, I would like to say to you that federal elections is different to the local election, and so, I am sure that many of you have been giving long mature thought to the way you are going to vote in this election.

“It is very important that you remember that for the federal election no party on Nevis can form the government. A party in Nevis will have to be an amalgamation or in a coalition with a party on St. Kitts but bear in mind also, that the new Moral Restoration Movement can amalgamate with any party on St. Kitts and it’s important that we are in that federation. It is important that we are in that set up, providing of course, that if the elections are inconclusive because we want to be a part of that set up because we know that history has taught us that when there is a party on St. Kitts that has a controlling majority, Nevis is virtually excluded and we absolutely do not want that.

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