Enforcement of Dress Code for Taxi and Tour Operators

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BASSETERRE (28th August, 2019) WINNFM

In an effort raise the standard of service offered to our guests, the Ministry of Tourism and the St. Kitts Tourism Authority will be enforcing the dress code for all taxi and tour bus operators.St. Kitts is currently 1st in the OECS as it relates to cruise arrivals and 3rd in the region in visitor spend. In this ever expanding global environment it is imperative that we work hard to raise our standards as it relates to our product and service offerings.

Mediocrity will not make us competitive and no longer can we settle for what is acceptable in St. Kitts. If we are to remain on top we have to exceed the expectations of our well travelled visitors. There are many destinations that are competing against us, they are improving their infrastructure and increasing their service levels.


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