Government workers must stop cursing their employers on social media, says Brantley

PREMIER Hon. Mark Brantley has stated that the Social Media policy has been enforced to curb the issue of government workers cursing the ministers and employers on social media.
He made this statement on Monday (Apr. 30) at his monthly press conference while responding to a question.Brantley told the media representatives that in St. Kitts and Nevis, people expect a lower standard of service from the government employees simply because there is a stigma where it is felt the workers spend their time doing everything but their actual job.
“What it seems has happened in our country is that everybody expects the government to have a lower standard than the private sector. I don’t know why. Everybody feel that when you work for government you come late, you do as little work as possible, you spend your time ordering the latest fashion and sneakers and shoes and [spend time].


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