Greaux exits PLP citing “eradication of democracy”

Source: SKNVibes

JUST one day after the Deputy Leader of the People’s Labour, Akilah Byron-Nisbett, had tendered her resignation from the political organisation, another one has followed in her footsteps.

That member is the Party’s former candidate for Constituency Number Two, Nubian Greaux, in whose letter to the Party’s Chairman stated, in part, that “it is with heavy heart that I write to you to formally tender my resignation from the People’s Labour Party”.

The letter was dated March 25, merely 24 hours after Byron-Nisbett had tendered her resignation.

Greaux reminded the Chairman that he was a member of the Party from its inception and stood on the core principles of “democracy, justice and economic equality for all”.

However, unlike Byron-Nisbett, he laid the issues bare, noting that “over the last few months, I have seen a general deterioration of the values of the Party and the eradication of democracy, a principle that is of great importance to me”.

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