Honorarium paid to SWMC workers

Source: SKNVibes

AFTER much talks, the forgotten Solid Waste Management Corporation employees who provided service during the COVID-19 pandemic were paid their honorarium.

The Dr. Terrance Drew-led Government promised to provide those persons who have been determined “frontline workers” an honorarium as a thank you for their service during the pandemic, especially those who were in close contact with persons who were COVID positive.

Last month, the Government paid those who it deemed frontline workers a $2,000 honorarium, but those who collected the garbage during the lockdowns were not included, which did not sit well with some, and political commentators took to various platforms to air their grievances.

Now, those discussions did not fall on deaf ears, as the Ministry of Environment confirmed that 50 persons were to be paid on Frirday (Nov. 11).

“Fifty workers at the Solid Waste Management Corporation (SWMC) were approved to receive an honorarium in the amount of Two Thousand East Caribbean Dollars ($2000XCD) on Friday 11 November.

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