Invitation to tender concessionaire for the ECCB Staff Cafeteria ‘The Melting Pot’

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Invitation to tender concessionaire for the ECCB Staff Cafeteria ‘The Melting Pot’ Date Posted: Dec-19-2017
Company Eastern Caribbean Central Bank(ECCB)
Address P O Box 89, Basseterre, St Kitts
Deadline Dec 29th, 2017
Category Food, Beverage, and Tobacco
Job Description

Eastern Caribbean Central Bank invitation to tender concessionaire for the ECCB Staff Cafeteria ‘The Melting Pot’

The Eastern Caribbean Central Bank (‘the Bank’) hereby invites tender proposals from concessionaires to provide breakfast, lunch and snacks daily at the Staff Cafeteria, hereinafter called “The Melting Pot”, located at the Bank’s Headquarters. The service would be required Mondays to Fridays, effective 1 February 2018.
The selected concessionaire will be required to:

(a) Prepare breakfast, lunch and snacks off-site with limited food preparation on site at The Melting Pot;

(b) Operate The Melting Pot from 9.00 a.m. to 3.00 p.m. Mondays to Fridays (excluding public holidays);

(c) Provide staff such as servers, stewards and cashiers; and

(d) Exhibit exemplary customer service skills in the execution of the services.


The Bank has a staff complement in excess of 200 from across the eight (8) member territories in the Eastern Caribbean Currency Union (ECCU). The compound is also home to its sister ECCU regional institutions, namely the Eastern Caribbean Securities Exchange, Eastern Caribbean Home Mortgage Bank and Eastern Caribbean Institute of Banking. The ECCU boasts a wide range of cultural diversity from the various islands, which has culminated into an exotic cultural kaleidoscope at the Bank.

In an effort to better serve the staff, the Bank has recently embarked on a refurbishment and rebranding of the Staff Cafeteria. Symbolic of the cultural diversity and unity of the ECCU, the cafeteria was recently named ‘The Melting Pot’. The newly named cafeteria seeks to improve the dining experience of staff, sister institutions and visitors to the Bank. It is envisaged that The Melting Pot will offer a diverse breakfast and lunch menu for indoor or outdoor dining, alongside a ‘grab and go’ selection of light snacks.

The Melting Pot overlooks the Bank’s campus, with a panoramic view of the Basseterre Harbor and port. The scenic location offers patrons an opportunity to dine indoor in air conditioned comfort or outdoor, enjoying the cool breeze of the ocean. The ambience for the Melting Pot will be one that encourages camaraderie, offers a relaxing environment and should epitomize its motto “Good food, good people, good vibes”.


Applicants must submit a written proposal to the Bank which should include the following:

(1) General information regarding the Applicant’s background:

(a) Business profile including name, contact details of the applicant and number of personnel employed. If operating as a company, the date of incorporation, physical and/or mailing address of the registered office;

(b) A statement of the applicant’s ability to provide the services, including years of training and/or experience;

(c) A list of major clients served within the last two (2) years;

(d) Two (2) references from clients served within the last two (2) years; and

(e) Certified copies of permits/licences in respect of the provision of catering/hospitality services (including valid Food Handlers Permits for all employees), and a recent health inspection report in respect of the premises where meals are prepared;

(2) Menu Information:

(a) A detailed listing of the different offerings of breakfast, lunch and snacks. The listing must include prices and portion sizes along with offerings for persons with special dietary requirements;

(b) A sample weekly menu; and

(c) An indication of the rotation schedule of menu items.


Proposals must comply with the preceding requirements. Proposals submitted without the required information will not be considered.

The selection process will include:

(a) A formal interview;

(b) A visit by a selected group of the Bank’s staff to the applicant’s food preparation site;

(c) An opportunity for the applicant to visit The Melting Pot facilities;

(d) Service of sample breakfast, lunch and snacks to a selected group of the Bank’s staff;

(e) An invitation to shortlisted applicants to operate The Melting Pot for a period not exceeding one (1) week prior to selection.

The successful applicant will be expected to execute an agreement with the Bank on terms and conditions negotiated by the parties.


All submissions must be received by Friday 29 December, 2017. Applications must be addressed to:

The Acting Director
Support Services Management Department
The Melting Pot
Eastern Caribbean Central Bank
P O Box 89
St Kitts

or can be sent via email to:

A copy of this Invitation for Tender can be viewed on the Bank’s website – Applicants may call the Bank for further information at 465-2537 Ext. 3809.

Contact Information
Company Eastern Caribbean Central Bank(ECCB)
Address P O Box 89, Basseterre, St Kitts
Phone n/a

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