Cooks, Waitresses and café Manager.

Type: Full Time
Due Date: February 15, 2023

Island Roasters is inviting applications for cooks, waitresses and café Manager.

We are looking for an experienced café manager to oversee our café’s day-to-day operations. The café manager’s responsibilities include processing payments through the café’s Point of Sale System and always maintaining a clean and well-presented environment. You should also be able to supervise café equipment maintenance and repair.

To be a successful café manager, you must have excellent management and leadership skills, as well as ensure that the café staff performs all duties efficiently. Finally, a great café manager should be able to provide excellent customer service.

Café Manager Responsibilities:

• Recruiting, training, and supervising café staff.

• Preparing weekly work schedules for staff and finding suitable replacements in cases of staff absence.

• Ensuring that all café expenses are within budget and identifying ways to reduce operational costs.

• Receiving delivered café supplies and verifying that the correct items and quantities have been delivered.

• Taking inventory of café supplies and ordering new stock as needed.

• Resolving customer complaints regarding food quality and customer service.

• Suggesting new menu items based on customers’ preferences and feedback.

• Identifying strategies to retain and attract customers.

Café manager requirements:

• High school diploma

• Proven management experience in the hospitality industry

• A food handler’s card

• Sound knowledge of food health and safety regulations

• Strong business acumen

• Exemplary management skills.

• Excellent organizational and time management skills

• Effective communication skills

• Exceptional customer service skills

Please send application to [email protected] by February 15, 2023

Company Island Roasters Email [email protected]