Due Date: June 10, 2023

Job Description – The pharmacist is primarily responsible for daily pharmacy operations and customer satisfaction and loyalty.

His/Her duties shall include, but are not limited to:

  1. Reviewing prescriptions to ensure accuracy, ascertain the needed ingredients, and evaluate their suitability.
  2. Providing information and advice to customers regarding drug interactions, side effects, dosage and proper medication storage.
  3. Analyzing prescribing trends to monitor patient compliance and prevent excessive usage or harmful interactions.
  4. Supervising pharmaceutical operations and team members.
  5. Additional duties will be outlined to shortlisted candidates.


Applicants must have the following basic qualifications and attributes:

  1. Associate Degree in Pharmacy.
  2. Strong ability to multitask and prioritize.
  3. Knowledge and skills necessary to provide the care appropriate to patients of all age groups served by the Pharmacy.
  4. Ability to write routine reports and correspondence as required by management.
  5. Highly motivated, analytical and customer service oriented.
  6. Good oral and written communication skills and;
  7. Excellent interpersonal and team-building skills.

Successful candidates will be required to work on a shift basis. Remuneration will be based on experience and qualifications.

Please email your confidential CV and cover letter to [email protected] and [email protected] no later than June 10th, 2023.

Company Pharmcarre Ltd Phone 869 465 0156