Organization: St. Kitts Biomedical Research Foundation (SKBRF) is a translational research organization committed to achieving advances in health through scientific innovation and humane, responsible primate research. Our team and work environment have been assembled and developed to help achieve these goals, while maintaining utmost respect for animal welfare and the development scientific objectives of our collaborators and clients.

Job Description
DVM to provide veterinary care, physiologic evaluations and surgical and non-surgical procedures associated with sponsored preclinical study execution and research and development activities. The position requires clinical experience with nonhuman primates, proficiency in qualitative and quantitative clinical evaluations and competency with surgical techniques and the acquisition of new procedural skills.
Primary responsibilities will include:
• Maintaining and advancing the facility veterinary program and health and welfare of the facility colony, including proper study recruitment, preventative medicine, veterinary care, health record maintenance, husbandry, health surveillance, and use of in vivo models in biomedical research.
• Contributing to the maintenance of facility SOPs and in-depth knowledge thereof and associated training.
• Contributing to the maintenance of facility good laboratory practices (GLPs) and AAALAC credentials.
• Engaging in client, inspector and vendor interactions.
• Ensuring subject recruitment criteria for surgery enrollment are defined and met, and a perioperative and post-operative animal care plan is defined and implemented.
• Conducting and documenting protocol specified surgical and non-surgical procedures and acquiring and applying new procedural and clinical management skills.
• Remaining informed of, and responsive to, regulatory changes.
• Contributing to the surgical/procedural and post-procedural care components of IACUC protocols, amendments and renewals.
Education/Experience Requirements
• DVM degree, preferably with 3 or more years of clinical experience in an academic or industry setting
• Laboratory experience working with in vivo models, preferably including primate translational models
• Board certified by ACLAM or ECLAM considered a plus
Applications should be sent to:
Alex Nisbett –
Phone 1 (869) 465-7382