Nevis in control of its own water

THE Nevis Island Administration has taken control of the water services on island after BEAD formally handed control of its wells to the local government yesterday (Sept. 05).
At a simple ceremony in Maddens Estate, Nevis, NIA’s Minister of Water Services, Spencer Brand said the acceptance of the two operational wells and offline non-operational wells is significant because it means the NIA would now have full control over the entire water supply on Nevis.BEAD, Bedrock Exploration and Development Technologies, completed a 10-year agreement with the NIA to provide water service to the island.
According to the Brand, the wells supply a significant amount of the total water production on the island, with the capacity of 237 imperial gallons per minute at the Maddens Estate and 275 imperial gallons per minute at Fothergills Estate in Gingerland.