Park Hyatt: Luxury With A Local Flavour

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Prime Minister Dr Timothy Harris is praising Range Developments the owners of the Park Hyatt Resort that opened for business this month.Speaking at a press conference at Park Hyatt on Friday (November 17), Dr Harris referenced the jobs generated by the project.

“This project which started in 2014 with a modest average of 40 persons on the ground for that year, grew to become the largest employer of persons in the construction activity in St Kitts and Nevis. My research at the Social Security Board tells me that 55 percent of the earnings in the construction sector were provided by the activity here so that has been significant. And so you move from a modest average of 40 persons way back then in 2014 to 576 and there are times when the work product reached to 800 persons so we are talking about significant development.”


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