Police rearrest uncooperative brother of missing teen

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THREE persons of interest are in police in custody in relation to the disappearance of 17-year-old Leanna Napoleon, who has not been heard from or seen over the past two weeks. 

Chief among those in custody is the brother of the teen, who was reportedly the last person to have seen and engaged her before she went missing.At a press conference today (May 22), it was announced that the brother, whose name was not given by investigators of the Special Victims Unit (SVU), was the last person to engage her when she went to uplift an envelope with monies reportedly from the sale of a family vehicle.

 Sergeant Lyndita Powell told reporters that they were at the press conference with a heavy heart because one of the nation’s youth is missing and noted that everyone should be affected.She explained that the SVU has thus far conducted five searches in areas that the teen might have been seen, but “unfortunately.


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