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Police saw an increase in break-ins during 2017

Commissioner of Police, Ian Queeley has confirmed that they have seen an increase in the number of break-ins over the latter portion of 2017, including the Christmas period.
In their latest reporting, the force saw several house break-ins during the period December 15-23.According to the Public Relations Department, Police responded to several reports of house break-ins and larceny that occurred in Bird Rock, East Park Range, Upper Monkey Hill, Ramsbury Site, Rove Project and Shadwell Gardens, during the said period.
Queeley, when contacted today, said that house break-ins are seasonal and are crimes of “opportunity”.He however called  for all to secure themselves more, noting that people must use appropriate means to safeguard their premises.He pointed to the use of surveillance equipment when it comes to business owners safeguarding their establishment.


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