St Kitts and Nevis (WINN): The Red Cross is taking the fight against Zika to the community, and as part of its outreach will be handing out zika kits to pregnant women and newlyweds. Director General Natalie Fough, says Red Cross will make the connections through the health centers and during house to house visits.

“We have four interventions, community engagement, surveillance, educational vector control and psyhco social support for pregnant ladies. However we are not focusing only on pregnant ladies we are also looking at persons who are newlyweds and who want to have a baby and that’s where the psycho support comes in. There is a little kit we’ll have for the pregnant persons and it will include mosquito nets, repellant and condoms.”

There is a very small chance of microcephaly (babies born with a small head size) if an unborn is exposed to the Zika virus. The Ministry of Health has issued an appeal to pregnant females and females planning to become pregnant, to avoid being bitten by mosquitoes and also to contact their community health center or private doctor for guidance. Pregnant females are encouraged to keep all antenatal appointments where they will be closely monitored.