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SAJ Real Estate Services website launch

October 2nd, 2017 — SAJ Real Estate Services is pleased to launch its real estate website: Ms. Shermel Jeffers, the Owner and Managing Director of SAJ Interior Design and Real Estate Services is quite happy to offer this additional platform to access the real estate services of her company. SAJ Website, this website provides a new level of quality customer service for its clientele, which includes the buyers, sellers and referral listing agents.

SAJ website offers a new dynamic, eye-catching and responsive experience. One of the most eye-catching feature of the website is it offers a “Mortgage Calculator” to potential buyers which allows them to calculate their mortgage payment. SAJ customer service is also there as well to assist with this brand new feature offered in the real estate market.

This tropical paradise is home to SAJ, a blended existence of a refreshing entrant, backed by real experience, to the real estate market. We pride ourselves on offering excellent core services that are based on great relationship management and customer satisfaction. Our understanding of the real estate offerings within the Federation is second to none.


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