Basseterre, St. KittsMarch 5, 2020(CARIBBEANTIMES)

In its continued determination to promote the Federation’s culture, the Development Bank of St. Kitts and Nevis is partnering with the National Carnival Senior Calypso Monarch, King Socrates, to stage ‘21 Song Salute’ on Saturday March 21 at MaPau St. Kitts Casino and Entertainment Centre.“The project ‘21 Song Salute’ is the best of King Socrates,” said King Socrates, whose name is Mr Sylvester Hodge. “There are a lot of fans who have been asking for the various songs.

In the wake of his latest song ‘No more Rat tat tat tat’, King Socrates has said that project ‘21 Song Salute’ will give him the opportunity to have his first professional video produced. The resultant video, he noted, will boost the country’s image on a level that is not seen throughout the Caribbean, as St. Kitts and Nevis is the only country to make claims in terms of drastic reduction in crime rate.