St. Thomas Parish community festival slated Sept. 11-19

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By Monique Washington

After a nine year slumber, the St. Thomas Parish Festival will take place Sept. 11-19, featuring a Teen Queen Pageant, Calypso Show, J’Ouvert and an eventful Fun Day. This year’s theme is Old, Young, East and West Untied for STT Fest.’ On Tuesday, Tricia Williams, festival chairperson gave The Observer a brief history on the community based festival.

The festival began in 2007, but in 2008 the chairperson moved overseas and the group did not continue, Williams explained. “Community development this year pushed the idea of a festival. We formed a committee in April.

Other committee members are: Sandreen Ceaser, Shonroy Ceaser, Judith Liburd, Nioka Bailey, Nakida Authorton, Livingston Liburd, Vernice Parry Griffin, Tristan Clarke and Jessica Scarborough.
On Sunday, Sept. 11 a church service will be held at the St. Thomas Anglican Church, Williams said. “That same evening there will be a gospel concert featuring acts from the St. Thomas Parish at the St. Thomas Primary School.”
The schedule includes:
Sept. 13, panel discussion on the influence of music at the Jessup Community Centre;
Sept. 15, the festival will be launched at the St. Thomas Primary School at 7 p.m.;
During the opening we will introduce contestants for the Teen Queen Pageant and Calypso Show, Williams said. The festivals patron Mr. Elmos ‘Smokey’ Jeffers will be honoured during this event.


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