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Tambo (Bird Man), Renowned St. Kitts goalkeeper, to be honored by SPBS at their 2018 Awards Gala in NY

If you followed football (soccer) in St. Kitts in the 1980’s, this honoree would be well known to you. He along with other footballers from Sandy Point played with teams in Basseterre.  He was known as Tambo/Nantambo/John, all three names.Clyde Garvey, better known as Tambo or John was born in Sandy Point St. Kitts.

He loved being in the goal. He emerged as a goal keeper for the Sandy Point High School Football Team in the early 70’s. He went on to play for multiple teams such as Leeds United, Manchester United, Alley United, Third World, Rovers, The Sandy Point Youth Team and St. Kitts National Team.


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