• The currency of St. Kitts and Nevis is the East Caribbean dollar.
  • 1 East Caribbean dollar is equal to 100 cents.
  • It covers an area of 269 square kilometers (104 square miles).
  • It was once known as the Gibraltar of the West Indies.
  • The full name of St Kitts and Nevis is Federation of Saint Christopher and Nevis
  • Mount Liamuiga, at 1,156 meters, is the highest point in the region.
  • Both the islands are volcanic with a warm, wet climate and sandy beaches.
  • The Narrows is about 3 kilometers, a wide channel that separates both the islands.
  • People on St Kitts are called Kittitians and on Nevis they are called Nevisians.
  • The country has a Parliamentary Democracy, and belongs to the Commonwealth.
  • St. Kitts And Nevis has only 2 airports.
  • The country’ s dialing code is +869.

Travel Documents and Entry/Departure Requirements

Citizens of Canada need only to present proof of citizenship – preferably a passport or birth certificate with the raised seal – in order to enter St. Kitts-Nevis. If the birth certificate is used, it must be accompanied by a government issued photo ID (a drivers licence, for example) showing the same name. Where applicable, documentation of a legal name change (for example, a marriage certificate) must also be presented. Citizens of the United States, however, are required to have passports in order to re-enter that country. As such a valid passport is a required travel document when travelling to the Caribbean.

Additionally, proof of sufficient funds and a return or onward passage might be required. There is a departure tax of $60 XCD (about $22 USD) payable in cash, or by credit card – Visa or MasterCard – at the airport.
Please reconfirm travel document requirements with your carrier prior to the commencement of your trip. Also, kindly click here for information regarding the entry/re-entry requirements, as advanced by the United States Department of State. If you would like to apply for a United States Passport now, or if you need to update yours you may click here.
Cable & Wireless (Lime) and Digicel are major telephone service providers in St. Kitts & Nevis. Direct Dialing, Leased Circuits, Internet, Class Services, Voice Mail, Caller ID and other features are currently offered. ISDN and DSL services are also available. The area and country code for St. Kitts is 1-869.

Emergency Numbers
Police / Ambulance – 911
Fire – 333
Air Ambulance – (869) 465-2801
JNF General Hospital – (869) 465-2551

What to Wear

Light summer clothing may be worn all year. Dress is informal, even at elegant hotels and plantation inns, though you may want to dress up a bit for a nice dinner. Nudity is not permitted at any beach. Swim wear or scant clothing should never be worn in towns or villages.

Tipping Overview

A 10% service charge is normally included in hotel bills. In restaurants, leave 10%-15%. Tipping taxi drivers is not customary.

National Anthem

O Land of Beauty!
Our country where peace abounds,
Thy children stand free
On the strength of will and love.
With God in all our struggles,
Saint Kitts and Nevis be,
A nation bound together,
With a common destiny.
As stalwarts we stand,
For justice and liberty.
With wisdom and truth,
We will serve and honor thee.
No sword nor spear can conquer,
For God will sure defend.
His blessings shall forever,
To posterity extend.

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