Wet Down Activities Canceled for Sugar Mas 51 due to extreme Water shortage

Source: SKNVibes

In light of the severe water shortage that St Kitts is currently experiencing, the St Kitts Nevis National Carnival Committee (SKNNCC) has taken the decision to eliminate all “Wet Down” activities customarily associated with J’ouvert, Grand Parade, and Last Lap.

As a responsible entity, the SKNNCC supports the efforts of the St Kitts Water Services Department in preserving water at a time when the reserves are taxed to capacity. Even though the water truck providers are not using potable water, the SKNNCC does not wish to encourage water wastage in any form.

The SKNNCC takes this opportunity to apologize to carnival revelers and urge them to conserve water. With the awareness that the “Wet Down” is a very popular component of street activities, the SKNNCC strongly supports the Ministry of Public Infrastructure and Utilities in its quest for the preservation of this most precious commodity.

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